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Handgun Shooting Session
Spend the afternoon with our knowledgeable and friendly master firearms instructors. Students will be afforded ample shooting time, while learning about fundamentals, safety, and defense principles.
Tactical Rifle Training 
Sniper Adventure
Single Day Adventures
Planning a vacation to the Orlando area? Would you like to spend an afternoon, day, or weekend training with us? We have custom courses designed to fit your vacation schedule. Here are just a few of our training courses available to you while you vacation the Orlando area.

For more information, contact your local travel agent.
We have an exciting tactical rifle course designed for any student experience level. Our instructors will guide you through the operation, target acquisition, nomenclature, and tactical considerations of the AR-15 weapon platform used by American Law Enforcement professionals nationwide.
Lay down behind the scope of an actual law enforcement sniper rifle weapons system. Learn about long-range precision shooting, and the fundamentals of sniper shooting action.
Self Defense Tactics
Hit the mats with our qualified professional defensive tactics staff. Learn about top self defense techniques which are simple, yet effective tools in the defense of yourself or family members. Our friendly staff can help students of all fitness levels to learn effective self defense techniques.
Firearms Training Simulator
Tactical Driving Challenge
Have you ever wondered how you would react in a real life threat situation? Our simulator allows our students to engage in actual crime scenarios, utilize their decision making skills, and engage on- screen targets with modified simulator handguns. Students will learn about threat principles, shoot and no shoot concepts, and other important facts about action and reaction theories.
Test your driving skills at our tactical driving challenge course. We offer an exciting driving curriculum which provides our students valuable training for defensive and evasive driving maneuvers. This course is Top-Rated by our clients!
Our day training events offer our clients flexibility, excitement, and fun.

Ask about our afternoon, day, or weekend training curriculum.